Cash Bonus 2,000 THB

Company profile

What we do

We develop web sites, web applications, mobile apps with passion because we love it. We love quality code, web standards, usability and accessibility. We are based in Bangkok in Thailand and are a multi-talented team that are proud of the work we produce.

Our passion

Creating great quality web and mobile products

Our strategy

Agile and scrum processes

Job Description

We are on the lookout for a PHP developer who takes pride in their craft. See the requirements below.

Benefits working with us
* We give you time to learn new technologies and we'll keep pushing your abilities
* Start times are between 9am-10am
* Agile and Lean processes with daily 15 minute morning meetings
* End of the month entertainment
* We like to have fun in the office!
* Modern work practises and office environment

What else you will be involved in
* We want you to be a top quality developer if you aren't already! We'll train you to high Western standards.
* Agile / Scrum, daily!
* RubyOnRails and Python
* Database, design and optimisations
* Mobile App development
* Possibilities for leading a project
* Get your English up to scratch!

If you are a great PHP developer send us your resume!

Requirement (Experience/Qualification)

* Good English skills
* At least 2 years of PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript
* Pixel perfection and an obsession to make it perfect
* Great Javascript skills
* Enjoy clean code, and don't mind if someone comments on your code
* Know some command line commands


Job PHP Web Developer
Conditions Fresh Grads OK
Company Firecreek Co., Ltd.
Industry Computer/IT
Occupation IT Engineering > Programmer
Location Bangkok > Pathum Wan

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Cash Bonus 2,000 THB
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