ReDNA Labs Co., Ltd.
Junior Ruby on Rails Software Developer
[ IT Engineering / Programmer ]

Cash Bonus 1,500 THB

Company profile

What we do

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is about to change many industries and to leverage this ReDNA Labs has the ambition to deliver solutions based on the latest machine learning techniques.

We apply deep learning to several interesting problems in fields ranging from finance to medecine. Using the latest CNNs Convolutional Networks, RNNs (Recurrent Neural Nets) and combinations therof we create bespoke solutions for our clients. We also publish research ( so that we can present clients with proprietary alternatives.

We are looking to hire talented and motivated coders for Python and ROR dev. The Python is to write Keras and Tensorflow code. The RoR is for the front end interface.

Our passion

Creating new neural networks architectures to solve problems in the real world.

Our strategy

We publish our own research which displays our know-how in specific machine learning areas.

Job Description

This position is for a Thai national. The job is based in Pattaya.

We are looking for a junior Ruby on rails developer to work along side the lead dev but also to take on own small side projects. It is an opportunity to work in a small team with interesting projects related to finance and machine learning.

As a company we like to provide our clients with fresh ideas and fresh code. We publish our own research about the most recent developments in neural networks.

Requirement (Experience/Qualification)

-Knowledge of ruby on rails code and structure
-Some experience with own small rails projects
-knowledge of TDD
-Jquery and postgresql a plus


Job Junior Ruby on Rails Software Developer
Conditions Fresh Grads OK No Experience OK
Company ReDNA Labs Co., Ltd.
Industry Computer/IT
Occupation IT Engineering > Programmer
Location Pattaya

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Cash Bonus 1,500 THB
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