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Redlab is an interactive agency providing innovative digital design strategies & engagements. The service is a result of Redlab's unique integration of user-experience design approach, digital technology implementation and above all by Thinking Human.

Our mission is to create experiences that empower brands & enable people to interact, connect, and celebrate what they value.


After understanding a client’s core needs, we’ll perform Strategic Planning, Creative Ideas, Design Solutions backed with Innovative Technology. Whether big or small, each project will be idea-crafted and customized to fit each user-based needs at its best.

Everyday, Redlab has the honor to establish and cherish long lasting relationships with most of our clients.


- Web Project Managers will usually start the day with a cup of coffee or tea at 9am.
- Role 1: Web Project Management: As a project manager, s/he will be reminded that most of her/his time during the day will be spent as a Project Manager where s/he will be Managing key accounts from start to finish. S/he realizes that her/his management role can be exercised as a form of art & science, and her/his project ‘risk reducing’ & ‘client expectation management’ skills is sharpened every day.
- S/he then goes to lunch at 12pm - 1pm.
- Role 2: Consultant: As a 'consultant' s/he feels comfortable sitting with a client (training and buddy team provided), hearing first hand about client's requirements and be able to make 'suggestions' on the fly that will be valid throughout the production development cycle. S/he will also generate needed documents to accompany the consultation session (minor documents). During this role s/he notices that matching creative solutions with client’s needs is not always straightforward.
- From this role, s/he'll realizes that their 'Visual Design' sensibility plays as much an important role as their 'Technical' vocabulary of digital marketing and their 'Marketing Creativity' can help make her/ him outstanding.
- Role 3: Client Relationship: As a Web Project Manager, s/he enjoys assisting in the process of client acquisition, client relation. So s/he realizes that their communication skills and human skills are key.
- S/he then wraps up the day at 6pm. On the way home s/he notices that there are plenty of design/ marketing/ tech inspiration that can be drawn from and applied to at work the next day.
- A must: be a creative and an independent thinker.
- What you will get: competitive salary, great team and friends, motivating environment, great career opportunity, FUN!

คุณสมบัติที่ต้องการ (ประสบการณ์การทำงาน/คุณสมบัติ)

- Join a dynamic and promising team at Redlab. Be part of an innovative forward thinking team of Thailand.
- Like new challenges and can't sit still when it comes to project management.
- Positive thinker.
- Team player.
- Responsible.
- Comfortable in spoken and written Thai/ English.
- Education or background in related fields.
- At least 2 years experience & knowledgeable in the 'process & planning' of web project management, web technology, web design and other emerging digital touch points such as social media, mobile app, etc.


งาน Digital Project Manager
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โบนัสเงินสด 2,000 THB
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