Daiwa Kasei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Daiwa Kasei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


DAT is a manufacture of thermoplastic components as a subsidiary of Kojima Industries Corporation (KP) and group companies in Japan.Our main manufacturing process are Plastic Injection , Assembly ,Painting and Electronics Function testing.Specializing in the production of automotive component parts and Clip, Clamp, Protector for the electrical wiring harness which have the technical support from Japan.
Presently, DAT install the injection machines ranging from 1 tons to 550 tons about 269 m/c and 1 painting line(3 Booths).Computer Design
CATIA (Ver.18) 6 sets ,CMM 1 set, Material analysis 1 set.

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อุตสาหกรรม อุตสาหกรรมยานยนต์
ที่อยู่ 485 Moo.4 Tambol U-Thai Aumphur U-Thai, Ayutthaya 13210 (Rojana Industrlal Park 3), อุทัย, อยุธยา
ผู้อำนวยการ Mr.Takashi Sammi
เงินทุน 109.5 Million
วันที่ก่อตั้งบริษัท September, 1995

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